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Iconic sites

Enjoying holidays in Leucate or just passing through this pretty corner of France, find here a short summary of the places to discover, the sights not to be missed… On the list: Nature with a big “N”, the Mediterranean Sea, local products to be tasted directly from the producers, everything to hike, ride, slide, visit… Pure happiness to be experienced all year round in Leucate!

All the must see!

1 – The cliff

Leucate Plage

Unique natural site on the coast, the limestone cliff of Leucate stands out from the landscape! The whiteness of its stone reminded the ancient Greek navigators of the white of their own cliffs: Leucate comes from the Greek Leukos meaning white, Laucata in Occitan.

Its strategic position between the mountains and the sea gives it an unobstructed view of the entire coastline, from Cap Creus to Sète. During the Second World War, the Germans took up residence on the cliff, as the remains of shelters and bunkers can testify.

For sunrises lovers, panoramic views or birdwatching, it’s a must! To be discovered urgently by hiking or mountain biking!

In season, sign up for the guided tour of the cliffto find out everything.

Hiking on the edge of the cliff

📍 La Falaise ☀️
📍 La Falaise ☀️
📍 La Falaise ☀️

2 – Leucate Castle

Leucate Village

It’s a nice walk to do all year round! Exploring the ruins of the castle of Leucate is quite an adventure and you can also enjoy a breathtaking view over the pond and the oyster farms, the Corbières and the Mediterranean Sea.

During five centuries, the castle of Leucate served as a privileged observation point and guardian of the border between the kingdoms of France and Aragon. The signing of the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659 marked the end of the castle of Leucate, which was razed to the ground by order of Louis XIV.

The + : You won’t find a better place to watch the sunset over the pond and the Corbières… Don’t tell anybody else, it’s a secret!

Discover the history of the castle

Le château de Leucate 🏰
Le château de Leucate 🏰
Le château de Leucate 🏰

Never be afraid of life, never be afraid of adventure, trust in chance, in luck, in destiny. Go and conquer other spaces, other hopes.

Henry de Monfreid

3 – The cycling routes

From Leucate Village to Port Leucate via Leucate Plage and La Franqui, Leucate by bike won’t keep any secrets from you!

Our bike routes are at your disposal to visit and move around Leucate.

Pleasant and safe, the cycle paths go through the streets of the village but also the seaside and the pretty pine forest between Leucate Plage and Port Leucate.

🚴‍♂️ Les pistes cyclables 🚴‍♂️
🚴‍♂️ Les pistes cyclables 🚴‍♂️
🚴‍♂️ Les pistes cyclables 🚴‍♂️

4 – Pond & oyster-farmers’ huts

The pond

The pond or lagoon or salty lake (lake of salt water separated from the sea by a sandy lido) of Leucate is part of the Narbonnaise Regional Natural Park and is also labelled RAMSAR (46th French wetland of international importance)

It is a fragile natural area located on the migration corridors, a birdwatching paradise: pink flamingos, herons, terns… more than 280 species!

Be curious and discover the secrets of the Leucate – Salses pond and the lagoon, and meet the people who have always worked there at the Maison de l’Étang.

Oyster-tasting ‘cabanes’

Don’t miss out on the unique experience of tasting oysters in an authentic ‘cabane’ (hut) in Leucate !It takes place between Port Leucate and Leucate Plage, about twenty oyster farmers along the grau which connects the pond and the sea, welcome you in their “cabanes” for a seafood tasting: Cap Leucate oysters, mussels, clams, whelks, shrimps…

All you have to do is choose your terrace in the sun and your atmosphere!

Choose my oyster hut

Ready to enjoy the view? Snow-covered Pyrenean peaks reflected on the waters of the pond, sunsets and blazing skies…

Let’s go to the lake!

📍L'hippocampe - Cabane à Huitre 🦪
📍L'hippocampe - Cabane à Huitre 🦪
📍L'hippocampe - Cabane à Huitre 🦪

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