Dégustation d'huîtres de LeucatePhoto d'un plateau d'huîtres pour la dégustation dans un mas, vue sur le Grau
All the flavours of the South!
Leucate side taste buds !

Leucate Gourmet

To really get to know Leucate you have to taste it ! A land of gastronomy, you will soon be hooked on Leucate’s cuisine, a gentle blend of flavours from the sea and the land !

The day begins at one of Leucate’s colourful markets to stock up on local specialities: freshly caught fish, olive oil, almonds, wines, oysters…

Come and meet the local producers : winemakers, oyster farmers, fishermen ! Ready to taste ?

Le Grand Cap ⭐️
Le Grand Cap ⭐️
Le Grand Cap ⭐️

Michelin-starred table

At the top of the Leucate cliff, a glass cube, an unobstructed view and a refined table with a hint of garrigue, you are at the restaurant Le Grand Cap.

The local products are here sublimated by the Chef Erwan Houssin…

Try it !

Oysters of Leucate

Looking for iodine? You will be served! The Cap Leucate, the hollow oyster with a fine flesh and a nutty taste, can be tasted directly at the producers or taken away in a basket for a tasting on the beach at sunset!


Oyster tasting

Tasting a seafood platter directly from the producer is an experience in itself ! First of all, you have to choose your farmhouse, settle down on one of the terraces in the sun above the water and then order: oysters, mussels, clams and even sea urchins, shrimps, whelks… Accompanied by a small glass of white wine* from Leucate, this is happiness!

Open 7 days a week, from 8am to 9pm, all year round. On the spot or to take away

*To be consumed in moderation

Choose where to taste my Leucate oysters

A little history…

It all started in the 1960s at La Caramoun. It was there that a handful of Leucatois began to raise the first Leucate oysters in the waters of the pond. Oyster farming in Leucate was born !

The oyster farmers are now grouped together at the oyster centre, along the grau, very close to the Naturist Villages and the Mouret beach. On the spot, more than 20 mas and as many atmospheres to taste the seafood of Leucate.

Production of Leucate oysters

The oysters grow on ropes hung from the oyster beds in the middle of the pond, hence the name: the glued special.

After peeling, they are stored in a pouch and hung up again, while their shells are being re-shelled and their flesh is being regained. Three weeks to a month later, they are “picked” and brought back to the farmhouse to be matured. It takes between 10 and 14 months for a shellfish to be ready to be eaten.

The wine

Another essential part of Leucate’s gastronomy: the wine! A rich and renowned terroir for exceptional vintages ! Beaten by the winds, licked by the sea and the ponds, nourished by the garrigue, the vines of Leucate draw their fullness and their bouquet from the richness of their contrasting territory.

5 renowned appellations, including the oldest red AOC in Languedoc-Roussillon, are grown in Leucate.

Winegrowing in Leucate: more than 500 hectares under cultivation, a state-of-the-art winery, that of the Vignobles Cap Leucate with shop of Port Leucate and  shop of Leucate Village, as well as a private cellar in BIO, Le Mas des Caprices who cultivates 15 Ha on the plateau.

Taste the wines of Leucate

Les Vignobles Cap Leucate 🍷
Les Vignobles Cap Leucate 🍷
Les Vignobles Cap Leucate 🍷

Meet the winemakers of Leucate!

Pierre and Mireille Mann, independent organic winegrowers, arrived from Alsace a little over 10 years ago with one idea in mind: to make good wine! They have installed their vats in the old carpenter’s workshop in the village and it is there that they invite you to come for a tasting, a visit or to take their award-winning wines with you.

The Mas des Caprices is a certified organic and biodynamic estate.

Ready to go from surprise to surprise? An egg-shaped vat, a communicative good mood, graceful and friendly wines like Pierre and Mireille!

Fishing in Leucate

Traditional local fishermen have been setting nets and traps at sea for generations, either at the bottom of the cliffs or on the sandbanks. The speciality of Leucate is still fishing for eels to prepare the traditional Bourride or Piñata.

In Port Leucate, in the Technical Zone, on the fishermen’s quay, you can buy the day’s catch directly! Mediterranean fish more than fresh, from small-scale fishing. All you have to do is choose for the lunchtime grill: Mediterranean red tuna, octopus, sea bream, red mullet, bass, squid, cuttlefish and even lobster…

Every day from 8am

I buy my fish when the boats arrive

Markets of Leucate

With your basket in hand and your senses alert, strolling through the colourful markets of Leucate is above all an opportunity to stock up on local and seasonal products, to meet producers and craftsmen and to start thinking about the local dinner you are going to prepare !

In summer, you will find a market every morning to buy fruits, vegetables, fish from the fishermen of Leucate…

All markets in Leucate

All the scents of the garrigue!

On the Leucate plateau, each season deserves a walk ! In winter you will surely come across the herd of sheep, the patous and the shepherd and already the first almond trees in bloom which give off the scent of honey.

In spring, you’ll be amazed by all the flowers and you’ll find some great finds: asparagus, wild leeks…

In summer, feel all the scents of the garrigue under the sun: thyme, rosemary, laurel, blackberries… Then comes the time of the grape harvest and the harvest of the olives which will make an excellent oil Made in Leucate!