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Leucate best fishing spots


Between sea and pond, fishing is a tradition in Leucate!

Learn how to fish to the last born, family fishing in the early morning, sea fishing trips with one of the boats leaving from Port Leucate… All you have to do is choose!

And as Leucate is unique and its nature so rich, we follow the regulations and throw the cork!

Fishing regulations in Leucate

All year round, fishing is an activity not to be missed in Leucate! From the beach (surfcasting), in the sea, on the pond… You are spoilt for choice when it comes to casting your hook!

Just a few rules to be respected to guarantee the richness of the local biodiversity:

  • Fishing is not allowed near bridges and inside harbor breakwaters,
  • No fishing in the harbour,
  • Local regulations on the size of fish

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    Go fishing in Leucate

    All types of fishermen can be found in Leucate: sea fishing, surfcasting, pond fishing, caluche fishing or even underwater fishing

    All the information you need to hire a boat, to book for a sea fishing trip from Port Leucate or to go fishing with the caluche, this traditional fishing technique where, in a group, you take part in bringing the net back on the sand.

    Where to find all the fishing accessories?

    Hameçon, moulinet, canne, appâts...

    Find the whole world of fishing at Leucate Pêche, in Port Leucate shopping centre: specialist in all types of fishing, equipment and bait.

    Get all the advice you need from Eric: how to set up a rod, choose your bait, learn the tips of the locals… where to fish? when? how?

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